be careful! 7 The more food you eat, the more May cause wrinkles easily

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One of the reasons that the skin of girls It is easy to wrinkle. Food that is eaten on a regular basis Because some foods contribute to wrinkled skin. Not glowing and not firm Today we collect 7 types of food that if girls Accidentally ingesting too much Will cause wrinkles on the skin very easily. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of food there is.

be careful! 7 The more food you eat, the more May cause wrinkles easily

1. Processed foods
Processed foods are foods that are high in sodium. There are substances in the sulfite group that come in the form of preservatives, flavors and artificial flavors. which if these substances enter the body will stimulate the skin to cause สมัคร ufabet inflammation and cause wrinkles very easily

2. Fried foods
Fried foods are foods that are high in fat. which in addition to making girls get fat easily, it also destroys collagen under the skin layer as well and the result that will follow is wrinkled skin And there is no brightness or natural shine as well.

3. Grilled food
grilled food Hydrocarbons are often found. It is most often found in the area of ​​food that has been toasted and charred. which is an oxidant If the body receives this type of substance The skin layer will be destroyed until wrinkles appear. It also results in a lack of firmness and firmness of the skin as well.

4. Salty foods
Salty foods are foods that have a very high amount of sodium. In addition to causing the body to swell and swollen face It also sucks water out of the body. causing the skin to become dry as well as inevitably wrinkled skin

5. Foods that are high in sugar
high sugar diet Whether it’s a main dish, snack or drink , but most of them are very high in sugar when women consume these foods. will cause sugar to bind with collagen in the body causing the skin cells to deteriorate As a result, the skin lacks elasticity and natural radiance. And that will cause deep wrinkles. Makes you look old before your age.

6. Caffeine drinks
Caffeinated drinks contain adrenaline. This type of substance will cause the skin to become wrinkled and not firm and firm. Caffeine also helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals that are essential for skin nourishment.

7. Alcohol
Alcohol is a drink that absorbs water in the body. will inevitably slow down the adhesion of collagen under the skin More importantly, this drink also negatively affects the liver. which is an organ that acts to eliminate waste from the body Therefore, if the liver health is not good It will also affect the skin. by the skin of the girls will look dull and wrinkled easily

Let’s say that if the girls I don’t want my skin to get wrinkled easily. It is advisable to try to avoid consuming these 7 foods as much as possible. Then turn to focus on drinking enough water to meet the needs of the body. along with eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before