Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich: Collecting issues after the UEFA Champions League game, the Gunners confirm a draw with the Southern Tigers.

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  • Arsenal almost didn’t escape with a 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich at home in the UEFA Champions League round 8 game. The last meme was yesterday night.
  • The Gunners must play the second leg at the Allianz Arena next Wednesday.
  • Manchester City still don’t know whether they will come to the match or not after drawing with Real Madrid 3-3 as well.
Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich: Collecting issues after the UEFA Champions League game, the Gunners confirm a draw with the Southern Tigers.

Arsenal slang

Before the game, many people thought that in this game. Arsenal had a high chance of successfully clearing the eyes of the Southern Tigers due to both their better-looking form because the Gunners were able to raise themselves up to the point of being a team competing for the championship, plus this year, Bayern N himself played in the wrong form and was on the verge of missing out on the league championship. Moreover, today they are playing at the Emirates Stadium. Which should give Arteta’s team a chance to take revenge. After being badly beaten by the Tigers in the past.

But this game was not like that at all. Even though the Gunners tried to open the ทางเข้า ufabet game and attack and take the lead first, Bayern defended well and took advantage of the mistake to overtake and take the lead 1- 2. That made Arsenal have to be tired before they could equalize. On top of that, he almost hit home from Comong’s shot that hit the post late in the game. Narrowly escaped death in the end.

Mistakes that are punished

Picture of today’s game: Arsenal actually looks better in possession of the ball. But that appears to be Tuchel’s plan already in place. By defending calmly and waiting for a counterattack. Moreover, today the Gunners’ backline played in the wrong form. From being as strong as a rock. Today they had a simple mistake that could have been avoided in the league. But this is Bayern, the top team on the continent, who were able to take advantage of the opportunity sharply. Both from a missed pass in the backfield until it was counter-attacked and the equalizer was scored. Including opening up space for Sane to dribble until he made a mistake. Made a foul in the box and lost a penalty and was overtaken 1-2 in the first half.

Saka is in no hurry to fall.

Another highlight moment of the game came during injury time in the second half when Bukayo Saka had the opportunity to break loose into the penalty area. Before locking away Manuel Neuer. There was only a moment when his legs poked each other slightly. Which Saka decided to throw himself down and in the end, VAR checked and did not award a penalty.

At that moment it was quite clear that this dynamic winger was “focused” on taking too many penalties and missed an important opportunity. Because if the owner chooses to shoot the first shot Or after the lock has passed and is determined to continue playing. The chance of sending the ball into the goal would definitely be more. But he chose to abandon himself even though the collision was clearly dragging his legs towards Neuer.

The second leg was definitely tiring.

Fortunately, this year the “away goal” rule was not used. Which means that even though they lost two goals, for Arsenal it was still a “draw” with no advantage or disadvantage in any way, That means If they are going to make it through to the next round, they have to attack the Southern Tigers at the Allianz Arena, even though they almost didn’t survive this game at home. It must be said that we will definitely be tired and there may be a long game leading to two penalty rounds in a row.

While the opponent in the next round is still unclear because the Blues themselves were only able to draw with Real Madrid in a 3-3 dogfight, having to wait for the second leg at the Etihad as well. Both pairs will compete together next Wednesday night or on April 17th. True fans of both teams can’t miss this!