Euro 2024 Analysis: Listen to the flags: Who will rise and who will fall? From the group stage to the finals in the middle of this year.

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  • Euro 2024 will officially begin on June 14th.
  • Italy were the previous champions, while France and England remain the two favorites this year.
  • Predict the possibility from the group stage to the finals of who will win the championship.

At least fans won’t have to be bored for long when Europe’s big leagues come to a close. Because this year there will be Euro 2024. Which is considered popular in our country, separated for a full month.

In the past, we have known the faces of all 24 teams that will travel to compete in Germany. Including the face of the group stage, who is in which group? Today we will try to analyze each line and see who will advance to the next round. Including the knockout round, who will go how far? And more importantly, who will be the winner of this biggest European tournament?

Euro 2024 Analysis: Listen to the flags: Who will rise and who will fall? From the group stage to the finals in the middle of this year.

Group stage

Group A

Of course, the host team, Germany, will still be the ยูฟ่าเบท team that is being watched the most with their promising warm-up performance. Including the return to serve the nation of Toni Kroos, while the other three teams, Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland are similar. But if I were to find another team that qualified for the next round, I’d say it would be Switzerland who are often regulars in the knockout rounds following. The Iron Eagle Party advanced to the next round.


Group B

Truly a “Group of Dates” in Euro 2024 with giants like Spain, Italy and Croatia joining the line, which if looking at the team’s condition and recent performance. It cannot be denied that the Fierce Bulls are still a team that is very worth watching with new. Talented young stars stepping up to have more roles with the team, while Italy, the former champions, have undergone a major bloodline change over the past period. Therefore, it may still take time to find the right person to join the team. As for Croatia, most of the core players are still the same team from their golden era, each of whom has gotten older and faded with time. And must feel sorry for Albania for being an outside team in this group.


Group C

Another group that is worth keeping an eye on because it has the beloved Thai team, the England national team, must say that they probably won’t face much difficulty in qualifying as group champions, while Denmark, Serbia and Slovenia will have to. Arguing for the last ticket to enter the round as number 2 in the group, it is expected that the dairy army, led by 2 stars from Manchester United like Christian Eriksen and Rasmus Hoylund, should have a great chance. The best part is that they often enter the knockout rounds lately.


Group D

This group is equally interesting with big teams like France and the Netherlands. While the other two teams are not ordinary because both Austria and Poland are in the group, of course, the Rooster team, one of the favorites in the competition, should advance to the next round as group champions.

However, for second place, there is a chance that a weak horse like Austria, under the team of coach Ralph Rangnick, has a chance to push Holland because the Orange Knights at this time do not seem to be in the right place under. Ronald Koeman and Van Dijk’s team began to fade, and Frankie almost carried the midfield alone. In addition, many attackers are not main players for the club. We have to wait and see how well the windmill army will do. As for Poland, they didn’t do well in the qualifying round and had to make the playoffs in a hurry, so they should stop only in this group stage.


Group E

It can be called an outside group with teams like Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, and Slovakia. Of course, the team that seems to have a higher standard than anyone else is probably Belgium, with a star like Kevin DeB. Reyne is carrying the attack, while Ukraine also has several players of interest, including two stars from Girona, Artem Dovbrick and Viktor Zigankho. Including Olex Zinchenko and Mikaylo Mukric, two players from the Premier League, they should successfully lead the team through to the next round.


Group F

Coming to the final group, there is another team that is popular with the public, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. This year many players have performed very well, and they should be able to qualify for the group championship if there is nothing wrong. miss While the last ticket would be Türkiye and the Czech Republic. that have to compete for each other and it may be Turkey that may be able to cut ahead and advance to the next round due to the team composition that seems to be balanced in every position, while Georgia will probably focus on participating, not focusing on advancing to the next round!

3Czech Republic