Allegri: Juventus deserved to lose in the last match

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Although Juventus are a fairly strong team in the Italian Serie A battle. After undergoing many changes, Juventus’ performance has clearly deteriorated since last season. After finishing just 4th in the table and almost missing out on the Champions League. Juventus have to bring back Massimiliano Allegri as manager in hopes of bringing United. Ventus is back in the Serie A title contenders again.

But Juventus’ performance has been very disappointing after only four wins out of 10 games and four defeats. Making Juventus now a team in the middle of the table. Serie A battle Italy only before going to visit Verona, who is also a team in the middle of the table and it was Giovanni Simeone who scored for Verona to lead before Weston. McKennie will score a goal for Juventus, but it’s not enough to help Juventus collect points anyway.

Massimiliano Allegri admitted he was disappointed with the results but insisted Juventus deserved a defeat in the latest match. Massimiliano Allegri said: “Words mean nothing at the moment and we can only accept the terrible situation and now we are just a mid-table team. And we need to get through this period as quickly as possible to get back at the top of the table, where regret and disappointment about the result means nothing.”