Ancelotti not keeping Hazard at the club

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Eden Hazard during his time at Chelsea was considered a tough player and helped Chelsea to many successes in both domestic and continental competitions. Eden Hazard is a player with. News of the transfer has always come out. It is Real Madrid brought in Eden Hazard to join the team for a fee of up to 97 million pounds with very high expectations after doing a great job with Chelsea over the years.

But Eden Hazard has not been able to regain his good form at all. It has been facing injury problems that have prevented him from playing. His disappointing performance Eden Hazard has been criticized. Fair enough and there is news about the team moving out all the time. Although the manager is changed to Carlo Ancelotti. But Eden Hazard seems to be only a reserve of Real Madrid. It making the news. The transfer of the team continues to come out.

Carlo Ancelotti does not rule out the possibility of a transfer from Eden Hazard if Eden Hazard wants to leave the team. Carlo Ancelotti said in an interview. As a manager I’ve never kept a player in the squad if they want to leave. Vinicius Junior’s case is doing very well and we’re still happy that. Seeing him on the pitch, I’m ready for Vinicius Junior to rest immediately if his performance is not satisfactory, but now he’s doing very well.