Klopp admits Brighton are a dangerous team

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Graham Potter took some time to build Brighton from relegation-escaped into a mid-table team that would always put pressure on their opponents. In the 2021/22 season they did a good job. Excellent, with four wins out of nine matches and only two defeats, allowing Brighton to move up to 5th and have the opportunity to move up. In the top four area as well, if still maintaining the same standard of play

And in the next match, Brighton will have to visit Liverpool in the English Premier League, with Jurgen Klopp admitting that facing Brighton under Graham Potter is not easy. Nid by Jürgen Klopp said: “Just looking at the results of the recent match between Brighton and Manchester City, it was clear that it was an easy victory for Manchester City, but if you look at the numbers. Clearly, Brighton put a lot of pressure on Manchester City.”

“Although Brighton is not a team that scores a lot of goals, but it is a team that is very difficult to concede goals and the last time they met, it was Brighton who defeated us successfully, but this time it was different. We went because we had the supporters cheering us on the pitch. Even so, we couldn’t underestimate Brighton and Graham Potter was named a top manager, so we had to do our best. against Brighton.”