Liframento: Musiala inspired him to leave Chelsea

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Although Chelsea are a team that has a lot of great young players to choose from. But as a team that must guarantee success every year. Pushing the young players up is not a good option. It will take years for a young player to emerge as a key player. If Chelsea lose the title for several years in a row it would not be a good thing for the manager. Forcing many young players to part ways with Chelsea immediately for the opportunity to continue playing in the high stage.

Of course, there are many players who have successfully moved to other teams. Such as in the case of Jamal Musiala have now stepped up as the main body of Bayern Munich. Has been given the opportunity to play for the German national team as well and in the last market. Chelsea have lost many young players from the team. Especially Tino Liframento, who moved to Southampton, which was completed. Tino Liframento has revealed that Jamal Musiala was a role model for his decision to leave Chelsea.

“I personally know Jamal Musiala very well and his departure from Chelsea was a very big decision and what he was given was the continued high-level playing opportunities that Ja Mal Musiala inspired me to leave Chelsea in the hopes of continuing to play and I am ready for the next step in my career.”