Roma eyeing Lindelof and Dalot

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Manchester United under Jose Mourinho’s team decided to bring Victor Lindelof and Diogo Dalot to join the team. But with the performance in the field that may still be. The unsatisfactory result led to the duo’s critics. While Jose Mourinho was sacked as manager before Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was replaced Though Victor Linde. Allove is still a key figure at Manchester United. But the arrival of Rafael Varane has only made Victor Lindelof as a substitute.

As for Diogo Dalot, it has become a surplus of Manchester United. It was previously sent to AC Milan on loan. Causing news about the transfer of the team to start continuously. Although Diogo Dalot wanted to stay at Manchester United with so little playing time. Diogo Dalot immediately began to consider a move for more playing time in January. It is now Roma that are interested in Victor Lindelof and Diogo Dalot.

Roma now appointing Jose Mourinho as their manager. It looks like Roma’s performances will also be excellent in the 2021/22 season. Victor Lindelof and Dio Ko Dalot was also a player Jose Mourinho brought to the team. The situation between the two at Manchester United is not so good. Making the news of a transfer start to look more feasible. It came immediately. Although Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that both Victor Lindelof. and Diogo Dalot are still key players.