Tuchel praised James after scoring in the last game.

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has hailed Reece James. It scored two goals in the latest game and helped Chelsea to a winning streak and remain in the top three. 1 of the scoreboard.

Despite being a young player, with his superb on-field performances, Thomas Tuchel sent Reece James into the starting XI in our latest game against Newcastle and it looks like Reece. James will not disappoint Thomas Tuchel with two goals before it was Jorginho who netted from the box from the penalty spot to help Chelsea win against Newcastle United. Difficult and winning in the latest match. Chelsea are still ranked No. 1 in the table as before.

In which Thomas Tuchel praised Reece James for his excellent performance and scoring goals. Despite not expecting to score in the latest game. Thomas Tuchel said in an interview. “Personally I don’t think Reece James will score goals. We have a lot of moments where we should have scored. Whether it was from Kai Havertz Ross Barkley or Ruben Le. Ofto-Cheek, and sometimes the team’s target striker has to run to find a space to allow players in other positions to score goals.

“Which Reece James doesn’t even need to practice on goalscoring because he’s already scored brilliant goals as seen in the last game. Very much able to score two goals, although the attack to score Newcastle United will not be easy at all.