Webber reveals why Buendia left the team

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Emiliano Buendia has always been a key figure at Norwich City. Although Norwich City were relegated to the League Championship, Emiliano Buendia opted to stay with Norwich City. Further and helping Norwich City get promoted back to the English Premier League successfully and with a great performance. Emiliano Buendia immediately caught the attention of many teams. Although Norwich City still There were no plans to let Emiliano Buendia leave the club but eventually accepted an offer from Aston Villa.

Aston Villa willing to pay up to 32 million pounds to bring Emiliano Buendia to join the team. While Norwich City received money to add new players. Unfortunately, Norwich City’s performance is quite disappointing. Because still can not win even a single match. Also miss a lot of losses until falling to the last place of the table and have a very high chance of falling into the League Championship again if not Can call the good form back like this.

And the absence of Emiliano Buendia had a huge impact on Norwich City. But Stewart Webber revealed the reason for letting Emiliano Buendia leave the team: “To be honest, we’re not. Wanted to release a great player from the team, but he insisted that he did not want to continue playing for Norwich City, so there was no need to keep him with the team and we immediately let him out of the team to show. To see that no one is bigger than the club.”