“White has everything we need,” Arteta said.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has welcomed Ben White’s progress since he joined Arsenal.

“White has been impressed since joining us from Brighton during the last transfer window. And in the process of integrating with his side-playing partner Gabriel Macayes, they will become central to Arsenal’s defence.”

“We have different options. But obviously we need to find someone who can adapt to the way we play,” Arteta told Arsenal.com.

“Ben is a player who has everything we are looking for. He is happy to play defensively, opening up gaps and he does really well against opponents.”

 “He has a good character to play. When we want to create different styles of playing the ball in different ways when facing different types of pressing of the opponent. or when they’re not pressing us And he has time in possession of the ball to be able to make the right decisions. He has aggression in him and I like his character when we meet. And that’s when we decided to sign him.”

“Language is important and Gabi has improved a lot about it this season. For other centre-backs playing together Practice and communication are key. And that is something that will definitely help us in our backs.”