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400 goals scored in Ibrahimovic’s league games

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his 400th Premier League goal in AC Milan’s 2-1 win over Roma on Sunday. AC Milan’s 40-year-old veteran striker scored 400 goals in the league after leading the “Red Devils” to a slash victory. “Wolf of Rome” 2-1 on October 31 Zlatan Ibrahimovic,

“White has everything we need,” Arteta said.

“White has everything we need,” Arteta said.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has welcomed Ben White’s progress since he joined Arsenal. “White has been impressed since joining us from Brighton during the last transfer window. And in the process of integrating with his side-playing partner Gabriel Macayes, they will become central to Arsenal’s defence.”

Rodgers responds to rumors Barca and Man United

Rodgers responds to rumors Barca and Man United

Barcelona have sacked their former manager Ronand Koeman in the middle of last week. The reason is due to the team’s poor performance. Another team that cannot be mentioned is Manchester United, they have invested enormously this season. Bringing in some of the best players to the squad


Arteta hopes Barca can get back on track.

Barcelona have sacked Ronand Koeman. After he has performed poorly since the start of this season. He was sacked after the game in which he led the Barca team to a defeat against Rayo Valecano, which their fans hoped. This executive decision will allow the team to get